CNIT Partners to Install 10,000 Elevator Ad Terminals in Tianjin City Over Two Years

SHENZHEN, China, May 31, 2016 -- China Information Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq:CNIT), a leading provider of internet-based platforms and digital advertising services in China, today said it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Tianjin Hailuo Technology Company Ltd., an advertising agency in Tianjin City, for the rollout of 10,000 CNIT digital ad terminals in Tianjin within the next two years.


The terminals, which will be installed in elevators in office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and residential communities beginning the second half of 2016, will carry advertising targeted to diverse audience groups and enable viewers to request information about these advertisers’ products and services.


In addition to sales revenue on the terminals, CNIT is expected to receive recurring monthly fees for the life of the units via Elevator Guard, the company’s elevator maintenance system providing building management entities with comprehensive data monitoring services and providing elevator passengers with sophisticated alarm and emergency functions.


CNIT will also receive additional revenue from customers' use of Yunfa Net (, the company's award-winning cloud-based content delivery platform that enables advertisers to design ads on their PC or mobile app and transmit them to their terminals of choice.


Today's announcement follows five previous agreements signed by CNIT since last August providing for combined installation of some 32,000 terminals in 20 Provinces and Municipalities.


Tianjin, with a population of nearly 15.5 million, is among China’s most prosperous cities and a leading center for the nation’s information technology, automotive, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, and petrochemicals industries. The city is also one of only four PRC municipalities under direct administration of the Central Government, thus classifying it as a Province.


“We’re thrilled to have completed this agreement for Tianjin,” said CNIT CEO and chairman, Mr. Jianghuai Lin. “This region, we anticipate, will be especially fertile ground for both our display terminals and Yunfa Net service, which together can allow Tianjin’s advertisers to create, distribute and display ads precisely targeted to the City’s diverse demographic groups.


 “More and more, advertising techniques and capabilities in China are equaling or exceeding those available in America, Europe and across the world. We at CNIT are extremely proud to be in the forefront of this progress.”


The CEO said he expects the company’s overall revenue and bottom line performance would likely increase “significantly” over the next several quarters.


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